5 Advantages of Full Print Custom T-shirts August 4, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Custom full print t-shirts are currently in great demand, of course, this cannot be separated from the advantages it has. The material used is a t-shirt material that is identical to a comfortable feeling when worn, absorbs sweat, and is suitable for relaxing moments or for strenuous activities. The advantages of this t-shirt material will be even more perfect with the full print custom technique where you can design the motif of the shirt as you wish. Are you looking for the right type of t-shirt screen printing and not sure which one to choose? The advantages of this custom full print t-shirt will help convince you.

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1. Technology used

In the past, everything was done in a completely manual way, starting from working on complex things to working on even the easiest things. One example is the full print custom t-shirt design, which uses advanced technology. This technological sophistication will provide satisfaction for you as a customer who wants to create an attractive, comfortable, and sweet t-shirt design.

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2. Printing quality

Many parties open t-shirt screen printing services, but not many can satisfy our desires as customers. Full print custom shirts with good workmanship include the following qualifications, namely:

  • The prints are firmly attached to the base material. Thus, the print does not fade easily, lasts longer, and the durability or durability of the shirt becomes longer.
  • The prints adhere to the fabric fibers without covering the fibers. This will provide a sense of comfort for you as the user because there is still ventilation so you don’t feel hot when wearing it.
  • In terms of color, you can combine several colors at once, with prints that are strong, anti-fade, and durable. Even complex designs can be done with the full print costume technique with an attractive color gradation display.

3. Creativity

You can order t-shirts with attractive designs according to your wishes only with this custom full print technique. You can choose t-shirt materials with various qualities, ranging from high quality, medium, to low quality. You can try making designs with images, text, or a combination of images and text. You can choose interesting color combinations with sharp color quality. This advantage will open up your opportunity to be as creative as possible.

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4. Affordable Price

Considering the economic side when going to buy something is certainly a good thing to do. Given that, many other needs must be covered. The advantage of choosing a custom full print t-shirt is that the price is very affordable. With the quality mentioned above, you do not need to spend so deep. Moreover, when you order in bulk, the prices set will be lower.

5. Affordable Time

Custom full print t-shirts do not require a long processing time. This is none other than the use of sophisticated technology in the manufacturing process, be it for small batches or parties. It is suitable for those of you who have a football club to order a custom full print t-shirt as a uniform. Even for strenuous activities, the quality of the screen printing is still good and durable. Guaranteed, you as a customer will be satisfied with the full print costume t-shirt you ordered.

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