5 Choices of Clothing Color Combinations to Look Cool! September 5, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

One of the goals of people in fashion is fun because they want to be seen as cool by many people. As a result, now many people are vying to look as cool as possible. There’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes of the same color.

However, there is nothing wrong with daring to appear unusual. And the most we can do is combine light and dark colors so that the appearance is also more stylish.

Clothing Color Combinations to Look Cool
Clothing Color Combinations to Look Cool

Maybe some of you have felt insecure and afraid to look weird if you look out of the ordinary. Even in the use of outfits, sometimes we are confused about how to choose a variety of colors so that it doesn’t seem monotonous and boring.

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Apart from that, if we are wrong in combining various colors, it can be less attractive and even look strange. Especially in this article, we will provide a reference for color choices that are suitable to be combined with your outfit.

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Plain t-shirts and jackets are choices of clothing products that are often used in daily activities. Then, how do combine the colors for the two products to look cool? No need to worry, please refer to the following list of color combinations:

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Recommended color mix & match for OOTD

1. Black & neon yellow

Black is a monochrome color that is widely used and a must-have. In addition to being considered multifunctional, choosing black for OOTD can also give a simple and elegant impression. While neon yellow is a very bright color choice and needs to be careful in its use.

Therefore, the combination of black and neon yellow can give the impression of being bold and also stylish but sporty. Trust me, you won’t look tacky and weird.

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2. Coral & petrol-misty color

Who says these two colors don’t match? With pastel colors like coral then matched with dark and classic petrol-misty colors, this can be an option for you if you want to look calm but bright.

The basic colors of pink and blue have become a fashion trend since the Fall/Winter season in 2020. A choice of warm-tone colors from both of them also has an impact on your look so that you look fresher.

For example, you can use a regular fit shirt in coral color and then add a petrol-misty folding windbreaker parachute jacket (provided the zipper is left open.

3. Color ruby red (maroon) & neon orange

Pomegranate red or what we usually know as maroon has a strong bold impression. While the neon orange color is the result of a mixture of red and yellow but is very bright.

Although rarely used, you can combine these two colors and make your look bolder. The two colors should be combined if you want to present a bold and bright one.

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4. Color white & dark gray-black

The choice of white and dark gray-black can be the most appropriate, especially for those of you who like monochrome colors. With a mix of light and dark colors, both give a simple and solid look.

In addition, this color combination is also comfortable to look at and suitable for anyone and anytime.

5. Color sand & forest green

Currently, the color sand & forest is a hit in the market—in the sense that many people love both. Combining contemporary colors that are calm and bold like forest green is very easy to mix & match as a daily outfit.

The advantages of these two colors are also suitable for use by everyone because the colors do not seem overly simple. Don’t worry, the sand color when paired with forest green is guaranteed not to give the user a shabby impression.

Now you don’t need to be afraid and insecure to explore various colors. All the recommendations that we have explained above who knows maybe a reference for you so you want to look different. To see other color charts, you can check by clicking the link here. Have fun OOTD and look forward to our next fashion article, see you soon!

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