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Do any of you often do sports activities? In addition to physical health reasons, this one activity also has a good impact on psychological health. Exercise can also improve mood, reduce stress and improve sleep quality, especially for those of you who have poor sleep patterns.

The types of sports are very diverse, such as futsal, cycling, golf, jogging, etc. It is very important to carry out regular sports activities, especially at times like this so that the body’s immune system is maintained optimally. When we do sports activities, of course, we will sweat a lot, depending on how long and how hard the activity is.

Polo Shirts as A Golf Dress Code
Polo Shirts as A Golf Dress Code

With such a movement, one of the essential things needed when moving, of course, needs the right sports clothes. Therefore, the clothes used need to be considered for comfort and to avoid injury or other bad risks, especially for the skin of the body.

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How to choose the right sportswear attire? We have some tips. Check out a more complete explanation below!

1. Adjust the clothing material to the intensity level of the sport

Each sports field has a different level of movement and sweating frequency. This also needs to be an important note. When doing activities that are not too sweaty, you can use cotton fabric because it has good absorption and is suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin.

But keep in mind, this material feels moist when used for sports. It’s different if you do sports activities that produce a lot of sweat.

The use of synthetic materials is highly recommended because although they do not have more absorbency than cotton fabrics, they are believed to be able to help the evaporation of sweat on the body faster so it does not feel damp.

When you use synthetic materials, it also has a higher elasticity, making it easier for you to move and not feel heavy. One of the recommended materials is dry-fit material.

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2. Every sports field has a dress code too

Those of you who like to play futsal must often use jersey clothes for this type of sport, or you often see golf athletes wearing polo shirts during matches.

The two types of clothing above are some examples of sports dress code recommended jerseys for soccer or futsal and polo for golf. We will discuss these two materials further. Jersey material that doesn’t fade easily is certainly suitable to be designed with sublime or full printing.

In addition, if on a plain soccer jersey, which usually has the player’s name, number, or name of the soccer player team, it can also be printed using Digital Screen Printing on materials commonly used for jerseys such as dry-fit.

T-shirts with this one material allow football players to be free when moving because the intensity of the move is also high. Meanwhile, the use of polo shirts is also often seen by golf players.

With characteristics such as a simple and collared design, this clothing type will give its users an elegant impression. Of course, this is by the sport of golf which is loved by the upper middle class so it is required to look neat and more formal.

Another advantage of the polo shirt is that the material is cool and easily absorbs sweat and is comfortable to wear.

3. Also pay attention to the size of the clothes

The last point is an important thing to know, back again this is also influenced by the field of sport. If you are doing high-intensity exercise, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes because it will cause a “heavier” load.

If you feel uncomfortable when your body curves are visible when exercising in the open, this is tricked by using a jacket as an outer. In addition, the jacket can protect you from the wind or the sun.

It can be seen from the jacket made of Polyester (NS) which has a Quick Dry feature so that the sweat results obtained from sports also dry quickly and are not damp.

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Exercising has become a necessity for most people. Of course, the points above are the main concerns in carrying out this one activity. In addition to comfort, the use of the right clothes also has an important impact on health and also affects movement.

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In addition to selling clothes for normal activities, We Print For Life also provides a variety of sports clothes that are suitable and comfortable for various sports.

Besides being available in various sizes and designs, you can also custom images that can be purchased individually or at large parties with your community or sports team.