Custom Order Merch: No Minimum Qty & FREE Design Service

CUSTOM ORDER Create a personalized merch

We will help you to create a custom personalized printed merch (t-shirt, hoodie, hat, mug, tumbler, sticker, poster, bag, home décor, etc.) for promo gifts, birthday gifts, campaign items, and more with no minimum order and get *FREE design service from us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or you can WhatsApp/Telegram/iMessage at please register to see this number for consulting first before you order, and we will be glad to help you.

Note: *FREE for simple design and if there is a complicated design there will be an additional fee.

Check our other services for merch design (color separation for screen printing, t-shirt design, logo design, or re-design) at

We Print For Life: How It's Work

HOW IT WORKS? Don't hesitate to contact me, and please help me to help you!

  1. Contact me via email at [email protected] or direct message via WhatsApp/Telegram/iMessage at please register to see this number to discuss the merch you want to order.
  2. Send me the design for your merch if you have one or brief me the design that you want for your personalized merch so I can make the design for you for *FREE.
    Note: *FREE for simple design and if there is a complicated design there will be an additional fee.
  3. I will make the design or re-design for your personalized merch as soon as possible.
    Note: Please read our terms & conditions section 6 (copyright artwork and design).
  4. After we agreed on the design and the merch that will be made, I will provide you with the link for the product and you can buy it from there.
    Note: Please read our FAQ about the printing process and production times.

WHAT MAKES WE PRINT FOR LIFE SO GREAT? We love what we do, and we do with every single detail noticed!

Custom design: All ordered designs are created by us or by other talented artists. You won’t find our designs in any store. Stay Unique!

Expertise: Over 10 Years of experience in merch design and production.

Environmental: Every item is printed by hand, but only when ordered. Reducing our waste and our impact on the environment.

Support small business: We’re a small, family-run business. We work hard to make the best designs and to provide you with the best products!

Printed in the US, UK & EU: We use the best print-on-demand service companies based in the US, UK, and EU. And all orders are made with love by our print partner.

We Print For Life: Apparel Printing Services

WE PRINT FOR LIFE PRINTING PROCESS All orders are made with love by our print partner

All items from WPFL (We Print For Life) are handprinted to order. This not only enables us to stock a massive collection of designs, but it is also very environmentally friendly since we are not wasting resources on clothing nobody wants.

Our production times vary throughout the year, averaging at around 4 business days. At less busy times, our production times shorten to around 1-2 business days but become longer during busy periods like Christmas, holiday season, etc.

Please note, this is an average, your order may take more time or less.