Digital Screen Printing VS Manual Screen Printing Process July 18, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Today I will talk about digital screen printing and manual screen printing. Understandably, people in general still cannot distinguish between manual screen printing and digital screen printing, even though the two have very big differences.

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Manual Screen Printing or Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing or manual screen printing is the process of pouring ink directly onto a t-shirt, by sliding it onto a screen printing that has the desired image formed. The image on the screen printing is generated through the burn process manually. Each color that is present in the product uses a different screen.

Manual Printing Process
Manual Printing Process

So if the screen printing has 2 colors (red and white), then there are also 2 screens, namely a red screen and a white screen. This process is also known as the color splitting process. However, if there are too many colors, then all the colors will be split into the CMYK process, this process can also be called screen separation.

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Direct to Garment/Apparel Printing or Digital Screen Printing

Digital garment/apparel printing or digital screen printing is the process of using a printing machine to create screen printing products, this is done directly by sending the desired file directly to the printing machine and the machine will produce the product according to the computer screen. The digital screen printing process eliminates many steps in manual screen printing that generally burden the manual screen printing process, such as:

  1. A time-consuming burn process especially if there are many colors
  2. The printing registration check process to make sure all screen printings are accurate and don’t miss a stroke
  3. Color separation process before printing
  4. And other processes such as stirring ink and others

The process we do is simpler and straightforward, print and press.

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Digital Printing Process from Our Production Partners

The digital screen printing process is more linear and faster. from the computer directly applied to the desired garment. The printers that we use are equipped with the latest printheads in the history of eco-solvent printing so they can produce detailed images with the highest resolution.

Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of manual screen printing and digital screen printing? Wait for my next blog post.

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