5 Things to Look For When Designing Typographic for T-Shirts August 22, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Wearing text-printed clothes is not only a fashion trend that is currently in demand among young people. Screen printing clothes are also a medium to show a very universal self-identity. Not only favored by young people but wearing screen printing clothes is also the choice of many people of various ages and circles.

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In using typographic screen printing clothes, several things must be considered before using, namely:

1. Choose the right font and easy to read

Once again, the purpose of wearing this t-shirt is not only to fulfill your fashion sense. But also to make sure someone else sees the color and reads the screen print on your clothes. For this purpose, you cannot wear screen printing clothes carelessly. But must consider the selection of letters used.

2. The selection of letters must be right so that it is visible and easy for people to read

Not just any letter will look good when printed on the surface of the shirt. Even some letters are invisible and difficult to read from a distance. Don’t just choose fonts and colors that are unique and attractive to look at but are difficult to read. The choice of this font must consider the design as well as be easy to read by others. So that this screen printing shirt is not only cool but also more meaningful when worn.

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3. Word arrangement to correct spacing

Keep in mind, that it’s not only fonts that make your screen printing clothes cooler. However, there are many other aspects that you should not forget when wearing screen printing clothes. One of them is the arrangement of words that are not arbitrary. If the word layout arrangement is made carelessly, your screen printing clothes will look cheap. Even when you don’t do the right spacing, screen printing can be misinterpreted.

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The word arrangement in question is about where to determine the right position for each word you make screen printing. To support its position to be more precise, words must also be assisted by giving good spaces. When not able to combine the two, position and space, it can be a bad result. The most severe consequence is when the screen printing writing that you make is understood very poorly.

4. The writing does not offend others

The number of users of this screen printing shirt is very large. Especially among young people who are very sensitive to fashion developments, this screen printing shirt is a solution to look cooler. Unfortunately, many of those who like screen printing doesn’t pay close attention to the writings listed. As a result, it can not only bring down the quality of your clothes but also can make other people offended.

Putting any writing on the surface of your shirt will be very risky. If you’re not careful, writing can make your clothes look ugly and offend others. Therefore, never forget to select the screen printing of the writing on the clothes. Especially the series of words and sentences, never offend others. Besides being dangerous, it is also uncomfortable to look at.

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5. Choose inspirational writing

One of the reasons why screen printing clothes are liked by young people is because there is a lot of creativity in them. Not only the models are always updated, but also the screen printing design itself is always filled with new and inspiring things. Therefore, if you spoil it all by selecting a writing screen that is not of high quality, of course, it is very unfortunate. In addition to making clothes look bad, you will also be uncomfortable when interacting with other people.

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It is highly recommended to make screen printing clothes with inspiring writings. Whether it’s in the form of wise words to old proverbs that are full of meaning. It can also be in the form of writing in another language that has deep meaning. Want an unusual screen printing dress? Write funny and tummy tingles. If you are very sensitive to developments in domestic politics, a little satire will also make your t-shirt screen print more classy.

So how, have you found inspiration that is suitable for use on your screen printing clothes related to the points above? Remember that the selected content or writing is expected not to offend others, and is easy to read, and interesting. If you want a custom printed shirt, We Print For Life is the place! Make your dream design come true with us, with competitive prices, good quality, and no minimum order.

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