How to Make Your Own Design Custom Hat and Care for It August 8, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Using a hat with an attractive design will certainly give a different impression on your appearance, so knowing how to make your design can be learned to make the right design.

Indeed, you can make designs as you please if you don’t pay attention to aesthetics then of course the appearance will not be optimal to look at. Then there are various things that you should pay close attention to before making the design.

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How to Make Your Own Design Custom Hat the Right Way

You will certainly be proud if you use a hat with a design that is made only for yourself and cannot be used by others. So the design must also be considered and planned properly so that it looks right in the desired style. So of course to maximize the results you can’t be careless in applying how to make your design hat even though it all depends on your taste.

Here are some things to consider when creating your custom hat design:

  • Consider what kind of design dominance you will use, you can use a logo image or certain writing according to your wishes.
  • Make a logo or writing design according to the size of the hat to be made, so it will not look too small or it will look lame when printed on the hat material.
  • Consider the fonts and colors applied to the design as attractive as possible but not to the point of giving the impression of being excessive. You should not give too many ornaments in the design because it will give a less cool impression when viewed.
  • Adjust the design color with the base color of the hat material that will be used. If you do choose a hat material that doesn’t have many color choices, then adjust the design so that it doesn’t look too contrasting with the base color of the hat.

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Tips for Caring for Your Custom Hats to Last

After you get a hat by making your design hat as desired, the next thing to consider is how to take care of it properly. By taking care of it properly, you can use the hat for a longer time and ensure its quality does not decrease even though it has been used.

Here are some ways to take care of hats to make them last longer:

  • When going to wash the hat, use cold water and do not apply detergent directly to the hat material.
  • We recommend that you separate it from clothes or other materials when washing the hat so as not to get discolored from other materials.
  • When going to dry should not be exposed to direct sunlight because it will make the color fade faster.
  • Wash by hand and with a soft brush and do not squeeze after rinsing. You just press it so that the water comes out and it dries faster when aerated.
  • Store your hats properly and it will be better if they are not stacked to keep their shape durable. In addition, if you hang it properly, the hat will also be easy to find when it is used.
  • Adjust some things that may not be done on certain hat materials, so you also need to know the type of material first to be able to apply how to wash and care for it more correctly.

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Paying attention to the process of that care will certainly help to maintain good quality while you are using it. That way you can apply how to make your design hat and take care of it properly.