5 Men’s Fashion Recommendations to Look Cool in All Situations August 29, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Fashion should have become an important need for everyone, both men and women. When it comes to the use of clothing, men generally use something more simple and plain than women. Moreover, the development of the current era has become more varied and modern in the fashion world, men also have their own considerations for their appearance.

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In addition to supporting the appearance on the outside, in fact, the outfit you wear also shows your inner personality. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Beyond that, fashion also helps you be more confident when doing activities, there is even a term dress code, where guests who attend are required to wear certain outfits based on the theme of the event.

Men's Fashion Recommendations to Look Cool in All Situations
Men’s Fashion Recommendations to Look Cool in All Situations

Believe me, the more fashionable you look, the more people will admire you. The first point that you see in front of your eyes is of course the top outfit, in other words, clothes are the main focus of appearance before other fashion products. The need for clothing has become the main focus for everyone even though they are at home.

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Regarding how to look, every man has the right to give their best outfit with simple products and combine them with each other so that they can appear optimally. In this article, we will provide recommendations for fashion products, especially for men. Of course, the selected product is easy to find and the price is also affordable.

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The choice of fashion products that men must have

1. Plain T-shirt or T-shirt with Design

At least you personally must have more than 2 choices in the closet. Yep, besides being known as the choice of a champion, t-shirts can also be used as a support for other fashion products such as jackets, blazers, etc. The tips we can give you are to have a black and white t-shirt as your mainstay color, then choose a light color t-shirt if you ever want to appear with a “color blocking” look.

In addition to plain t-shirts, the use of t-shirts with design can also be an option. If you just want to wear a t-shirt, you can choose a t-shirt with a design or a full print then mix and match it with plain bottoms. In addition to your cooler appearance, you are also more relaxed and do not feel hot especially when the weather is hot. Anyway, t-shirts also consist of long sleeves and short sleeves, you can also use them depending on your needs!

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2. Hoodie

This product is also a must-have item. Functioning as a body “warmer”, the jacket certainly protects you from the cold weather and the hot sun. In addition to the functions that have been mentioned earlier, jackets are also now more varied in models so that they make your appearance even more trendy.

One type of jacket that we recommend is a hoodie jacket. The characteristics of the hoodie jacket are that the material is thick and soft, does not have a zipper, and has headgear so that you have extra protection maybe it can minimize messy hair.

Our tip is to use a jacket with a hoodie model if you want to look sporty but still relaxed. This jacket also gives you a fuller appearance so it is suitable for slim men. But on the one hand, the use of a hoodie jacket is also suitable for men with a full body because it can disguise the folds of the stomach.

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3. Polo Shirt

Need to come to a formal place or event but want to be practical? Besides being able to be used as a dress code for playing golf, polo shirts can be an option for formal wear products. A polo shirt is a shirt with a shirt-like collar with a placket of 2 to 3 buttons on the chest.

T-shirts with this model give the impression of their users appear more casual, neat, and dashing. You can use a polo shirt along with material or chino pants, combine it with a leather watch and use loafers.

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4. Shirt

Shirts are also one of the mandatory items that you must have. Unlike in the past, where the models tended to be stiff, now shirts can also be used to relax. Shirt products such as button-up shirts are very suitable for use on vacation, especially on the beach.

This short-sleeved shirt has a cool material and is easy to customize, making it suitable for those of you who want to look casual and simple at the same time. Another advantage that this shirt has is that you can combine it with a T-shirt and shorts so you don’t get bored with the same look.

5. Hat

This item is a protector that serves to keep the head from the hot sun. Although known as the “guard”, the hat is now also a mandatory accessory for men. Giving a more trendy look, hats can also be an emergency savior because they can cover your hair especially if you are having a bad hair day.

Keep in mind that the use of hats can not be arbitrary. You are not welcome to wear a hat when in the room because it is considered impolite.

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The five products described above are some of the mainstay product recommendations and will definitely be used frequently during daily activities. You can use all the products as needed. In addition, the five products are young in mix and match and for various styles. For more information, you can check here.

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