Polo Shirts: Trendy Color Options in This Year (2023) September 12, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Collared shirts or what we usually know as polo has become one of the important fashion products for most people. This fashion item has a long history, how it has transformed from polo shirts and then into tennis and golf clothes, to outfit of the day ammunition, especially at semi-formal events.

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This is the reason why polo shirts are very practical and timeless. Whether as a style choice or just a utility mainstay, polo shirts also have a high level of comfort. How not, the material used also provides more protection for the body when compared to ordinary T-shirts.

Polo Shirts as A Golf Dress Code
Polo Shirts as A Golf Dress Code

Other than that, polo shirts can support all activities for anyone and at any time. Polo shirts are also very flexible to be worn by anyone, especially men. Dizzy because you don’t care about your appearance today? Polo shirts can also be the main choice for tops.

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For the reasons explained in the two paragraphs above, we also want to give tips on choosing a polo shirt color that we think is suitable for all activities. We have thought through all of these recommendations carefully and can add to your fashion sense. For that, allow us to review further.

The History of Polo Shirts From The Past Until Now
Variants Polo Shirts Colors

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Polo shirt with black color

Choosing this color as your favorite list is a very reasonable answer. The reason is, that black is one of the main choices for dressing because it tends to be neutral and very easy to combine with any color.

In addition, black is also suitable to be worn when the weather is not friendly because it provides extra warmth to the body. You can use a black polo shirt with jeans that match or contrast. If you have a full body, you can also disguise a full body shape with this color choice.

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Colorful polo shirt like daisy

Who says yellow is too bright? The reason is, this color can also give an eye-catching impression to its users, you know! You can choose bottoms with dark or contrasting colors as a counterweight to the yellow polo shirt. Or you can also use color blocking techniques on your outfit, for example, a yellow polo shirt with an outer with a green motif or color.

Polo shirt with electric blue color which is the color of the year

No one thought that this vibrant color blue was becoming a trendy choice this year. To avoid FOMO aka Fear Of Missing Out, you can choose royal blue as your main outfit!

Although this color has a high level of brightness, basically a versatile blue color can also be an alternative when you are bored with the same color choices. You can wear this color either for meetings with clients, or just hanging out with friends.

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Irish Green is the new green!

Since one year ago, green colors like Irish green have become a popular choice, especially for fashionistas. No need to hesitate to use Irish green, you only need to combine it with dark-colored subordinates.

Or it could be with a blend of Irish green as a polo shirt and a yellow or patterned outer as a coating. Guaranteed everyone will focus their eyes on your OOTD!

Want neutral but at the same time have a colorful impression? choose maroon!

Did you know that maroon is also included in the earth-tone category? What’s more, this color also has a calm and fresh impression on the eye!

If you are confused about combining it with others, try mixing & matching it with gray, black, or light brown. If you want to put forward a bright impression, you can also combine it with white. There you go!

So, those were some color recommendations that are suitable for you to use for various activities. If you feel that the color choices above are not enough, you can click the polo shirt link so you can adjust it to your personality.

Don’t hesitate to ask, we are also ready to help you look your best! Thank you for reading, see you in the next article with a topic that is no less interesting.

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