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T-shirts are very comfortable to wear, especially for people who like a simple appearance. Often we come across various models of t-shirts, both without pictures (plain), patterned, and varied image designs.

Because t-shirts can be said to be versatile, anyone including you can express themselves in the form of visual art that can be shed through various mediums, one of which is through plain t-shirts. For most of you, you must be bored or at least want to present a different t-shirt design than usual.

Express Yourself With Your Own T-Shirt Design!
Express Yourself with Your Own T-Shirt Design!

Like a plain t-shirt which also has a role as a “means” of the outlet where a person’s creativity (including yours) can be channeled into reality. Therefore, for you creative activists as well as t-shirt fans, please read this article to the end.

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The Beginning of the Creation of T-Shirts and their designs

Various sources said that the year ’50 was the forerunner of t-shirts with graphics starting to be on the market by Tropix Togs, a company from Miami, Florida which holds the license for Walt Disney’s graphic works and then released it through t-shirts.

After entering the 1960s, screen printing emerged as a tool for printing designs on t-shirts. Entering the 1970s, finally, the punk movement began to emerge.

One of them is through t-shirts as a medium to channel aspirations. Since then, t-shirts have become a necessity for creativity and can be personalized in design.

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What do you need to pay attention to when designing a custom t-shirt?

The need for t-shirts is increasingly diverse, as well as custom t-shirt designs that are easier to reach. The use of custom designs is very multifunctional, for example for the needs of merchandise, events, or the identity of an organization.

From an emotional point of view, custom t-shirt design itself can also have its pleasure because you are satisfied with the results of your creations and are satisfied when you use them. In addition, you can also sell it and show personal branding both for yourself and your brand.

Show Your Personal Brand With Your Own T-Shirt Design
Show Your Personal Brand With Your Own T-Shirt Design

Custom designs for t-shirts also can’t be arbitrary, you know. In this article, we have some useful tips for those of you who are going to design your t-shirts.

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1. Detailed artwork for t-shirts

Make sure the design file to be printed has a high resolution so that the resulting image is not broken or blurry. Also, note that the cropping of the image itself has been done in great detail so that the image print on the t-shirt is even more perfect.

2. Use vector images

Not without reason, vector images have a higher resolution when compared to photos. The resolution of the image of course also affects the results of the image to be printed, the recommended format is the .png format, because this format is prone to breaking when the image is enlarged. For the print results to be maximized, you can also consult directly with the t-shirt screen printing service provider.

3. Color composition

This one point also needs special attention. As the person behind the creation of an image, make sure to align the base color on the shirt and the color of the image as well.

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Keep in mind again that so that the printed design doesn’t look less attractive, you can also make sure that the brightness level of the image itself is right. And voila, the results of your creativity can already be enjoyed by yourself, you can even market your designs both in bulk and in limited quantities!

When it comes to printing methods, there are various methods available. These include DTF, DTG, sublimation, and Poliflex. We will discuss these methods more in the next article.

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