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The dressing has become an important need today, where everyone is competing to look more charming and stylish. Talking about fashion products, one item that cannot be missed is, of course, a t-shirt or t-shirt.

T-shirts are a simple product choice, easy to get anywhere, and suitable for use by anyone. The magic of t-shirts has made this item always loved even though the times are growing.

This is not an excuse, because the comfort is unquestionable. Starting from the creation of t-shirts that have been present since 1913, the use of t-shirts was originally a mandatory internal material in the United States Navy.

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Since then, T-shirts have grown rapidly and the types are increasingly diverse. Because these clothes are very functional and flexible, of course, size selection is also an initial concern when you buy.

The reason is, comfort is the main key to making it easier for us to do activities. In this article, we will discuss t-shirts in terms of size.

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How about the sizing of the shirt itself?

Other than that, the t-shirt size cannot be taken lightly. Although simple, this one product also needs to be considered for its sizing. Every time you see a t-shirt – online or visit a store – these points become the benchmark when you decide to buy a product.

Maybe this can be solved if there is a fitting room in the shop. But what if we can only know through the naked eye? Everyone has their unique body shape, as well as every brand has its product size standards.

Some of you must have experienced bad things because the shirt is too small or too big. Although in general, the t-shirt size consists of S, M, L, and even XXXL, it does not mean that every brand has the same size chart. Case in point: S in store A looks like size M in other stores.

Determine Your T-Shirt Size
Determine Your T-Shirt Size

Apart from the size options already mentioned, more types of sizes are often found in the market. Free size or fit free is one of the size options that is made twice as big as the usual size.

The parameter of the free size itself is that the product is elastic (easy to stretch) and can be used for various body shapes in general. Then what is the solution so that consumers are not confused about choosing the right t-shirt size?

We Print For Life has some tips so you won’t be disappointed when you buy a t-shirt. The use of a meter to measure the body is of course mandatory, so you don’t need to hesitate to choose a shirt that fits and is comfortable to use.

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How to Determine Your T-Shirt Size

1. Adjust the size chart of the shirts issued from various brands

Comfort when the dressing is an important note for anyone who wears it. Your steps should feel more flexible and don’t look strange to use.

Usually, each brand includes the size of the shirt along with the size number. The things that need to be measured so that the clothes you buy are not wrong are as follows:


The position of the collar must be directly above the collarbone (collarbone). The collar on the shirt should not be too loose and tight, so it doesn’t look suffocating.


For this one part of the body, you can do this by circling the meter from the upper chest to the back, lest the meter is not symmetrical.

If you try it in the fitting room, pay attention to your chest so that it doesn’t stand out too much and is cramped to use. In addition, the chest should be snugger than the stomach.


Measure this section in a circle and also extend down. Make sure the armpits are not too close to the clothes and your hands can move freely. You can also provide space so that the sleeves can be rolled up as a benchmark for the right shirt size.

If you try a long shirt, try to make the shirt looser by about 2-3 cm. For more details:

Short t-shirts: The length of the sleeves must be above the elbows (except for slim fit)

Long t-shirt: The length of the hand lies snugly at the joint of the palm.

Another way that you can do to find out how well your shirt fits is to “hug” your hands.

Waist and belly

Make sure these two body parts look looser than your chest to disguise your curves, especially if you have a distended stomach.

Shirt Length

This last point applies to those of you who choose shirts with regular cutting (ex: crop shirts). Don’t let your stomach be visible when you raise your hand.

In other words, the length of the shirt itself should cover the waist and not cover the hips. If you try the shirt directly, you can try the test by squatting down. Make sure the lower back is covered by the pants.

The stitch tolerance itself is a benchmark for increasing or decreasing the size of clothes. The example of the size chart above is an edge sewing limit of 1 – 1.5 cm. To find out the size of the shirt, you can check through the tag or label available on the shirt. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the size!

2. Determine the type of fit that you will buy

Although t-shirts are a versatile product this item has a variety of fits and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Regular Fit, Slim Fit, and Fashion Fit are examples of t-shirt variants that are often found in the market. Then, what distinguishes the three?

Regular fit or what can also be called standard fit is the most popular type of t-shirt size. As the name implies, regular fit shirts come in standard sizes and are the safest choice for both men and women. Because it is general, the regular fit is also considered suitable for use by all types of body shapes.

Characteristics that can be seen are those that tend to be straight, without curves on the sides of the body. The opposite of regular fit, slim fit is a type of t-shirt size designed to show your curves.

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Generally, slim-fit shirts tend to be smaller and feel narrower, but the seams on the shoulders are slightly higher than the regular fit. For those of you who want to show your biceps or slim body, slim fit is perfect for use.

In terms of materials, slim-fit shirts also tend to be more elastic. While fashion fit is a type of shirt whose fit is in the middle between regular fit and slim fit. So, fashion-fit shirts are indeed more body shaped than regular fit but not smaller than a slim fit.

Similar in function to a slim fit, a fashion fit is also suitable if you want to show your body shape but still want to look relaxed because the pattern is still square. Not only are the two types of sizes mentioned above, but it also turns out that there are more fit options that you can try.

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Oversized fit or anti-fit style is a type of fit that is generally found especially for streetwear fashion fans. The trend of oversized clothes started successfully with the hip-hop and skateboarding trend in the 1980s, which incidentally used clothes that were all too shabby, and until now oversized shirts have been adapted to look more modern, colorful, and trendy.

Because the cutting makes the wearer look more baggy or bulky, you should not choose a size that is not far from your usual clothes size.

3. The fabric material produced is also a major concern

Do we know that t-shirts are generally made of cotton, but are all types of cotton the same? The answer, of course, is no, but this one fabric is considered the safest t-shirt material. Why would you say that?

Cotton fabric has many advantages over other fabrics, it is not easily wrinkled, cool, easy to screen printing, has good sweat absorption, is not hairy and the material is easy to obtain. In addition to cotton, other materials also have their respective advantages.

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For example, Jersey material is suitable for soccer sports clothes because it helps evaporate sweat so it doesn’t get damp during activities.

Of the many types of fabrics as raw materials for clothing production (especially t-shirts), several types of fabrics also have high shrinkage when the t-shirts have gone through the washing process.

To find out how to wash t-shirts, there is usually a guide listed on the tag on the t-shirt – not all brands are available, but generally, they do.

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4. The price can’t lie

Among the many negative comments scattered in cyberspace about the product is a form of consumer disappointment for what he gets; In other words, consumers may be fooled by the low price of T-shirts.

However, that does not mean that even the expensive ones have the same quality. Even though the price of t-shirts varies, make sure you pay attention to the details of what materials are used, what sizing is like, the reputation of the shop, etc.

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But for sure, reasonable and pocket-friendly prices are also the reasons why consumers buy T-shirts. As producers, they also have to provide the best for consumers to maintain brand reputation and consumer satisfaction to trigger repeat purchases (repeat orders).

The price issue is subjective, but on the other hand, the price provisions listed should not make you complacent. Once again, pay attention to the details of the item and whether it is worth the price or not so you won’t regret it later.


T-shirt products are the most basic choice of clothing, everyone loves them, and is comfortable to use. As a clothing product that is multifunctional and indeed considered as comfortable as that, t-shirts cannot be underestimated either.

Choosing the right size and style is the main factor in how this t-shirt is efficient and helps you support various activities. You can choose various models of t-shirts according to the standards according to your needs, the main material produced is also an important point when you are going to buy a t-shirt.

Finally, the issue of the price offered is a big consideration whether the product is nominal or not. The goal is very clear, so you won’t regret it when you finish buying it and always use it for various needs or activities.

Thank you to those of you who have read this article. See you in the next article and hopefully useful!

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