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T-shirts have become a mandatory type of clothing for everyone and are always in every closet. Not only comfortable to use for relaxing, but t-shirts can also be a separate statement with various printings that become the motif of your t-shirt. If you are a fan of t-shirts with unique and interesting printing, of course, you don’t want the quality of the printing on your t-shirts to be bad and easily damaged or even lost.

We Print For Life: Production Partners
We Print For Life: Production Partners

Therefore, for good quality printing on any t-shirt or shirt, you should choose a shirt that uses digital apparel printing technology. Why not be satisfied with the screen printing technique? Because the results of digital apparel printing are smoother, easier, and more cost-effective than full-color printing, it is easier to print images in a digital format with a printing machine.

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Advantages of Digital Apparel Printing

Why should you choose a t-shirt with digital apparel printing technology? The first is that the process is fast and can print individual t-shirts. If you come to a t-shirt vendor that uses digital apparel printing technology, you don’t have to wait long to get your dream t-shirt.

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And because it can be a unit, your t-shirt design is exclusive, aka no one can match it. Printing digitally also does not require a special master as used in manual screen printing. Simply by using an image with a common file such as JPEG, PNG, or vector format, it can be printed directly onto the surface of the t-shirt.

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Digital Apparel Printing Method Used

There are many kinds of digital apparel printing that can give special effects to t-shirts so that the wearer’s style can be more total. Some of the digital apparel printing techniques that are commonly used include print cut heat transfer which uses a high-pressure and high-temperature heat press so that the image that appears on the surface of the shirt or shirt is very similar to the color of the image.

Then the second method is with vinyl heat transfer with the resulting images that can give special effects such as embossed effects, velvet, metallic, glitter, glow in the dark, and other cool effects. The next technique is direct to garment, aka directly applied to the surface of the shirt without going through the high-temperature pressure process. This digital apparel printing method produces a t-shirt effect that looks like a shadow, distressed, or broken even though the printed image is only in a regular format.

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Digital Apparel Printing Runtime

How much time do you usually spend when ordering t-shirts at vendors who use manual screen printing techniques? It can take weeks especially if there are a lot of them. By using digital apparel printing, your t-shirt can be made in just a matter of hours, a maximum of one working day. This is because the mechanism is easier and faster, depending on the number of shirts and also the level of difficulty.

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