Types of Hoodie Jackets and Materials Used to Make Them September 22, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

When the weather is often rainy, often use a motorized vehicle or often go in and out of the very cold. So we need additional clothing beyond our shirts to protect the body.

Jackets can also function as extra skin protection from dust, pollution, and other factors. A hoodie jacket is a jacket that has a beanie hat that is often used as a hoodie that can protect our heads. This hoodie can be useful if the weather is very cold and there are strong winds.

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The hoodie became popular in the 70s in New York among hip-hop musicians and became a fashion trend. Usually, the hoodie uses a thick fleece material. But several types of hoodie jackets are most commonly used in the market. Here’s the explanation.

Based on the material, there are several types of hoodie materials that are often used:

1. Fleece Cotton

The term fleece refers to a material that has two surfaces, the inside is furry and warm, while the outside is smooth and silky. Cotton Fleece is the most premium material used for hoodies because this material is made of 100% cotton.

Usually, this thick material has a gramation above 280 gsm. So it is suitable for use in cold weather, such as in winter. As a result, this hoodie has an expensive price because of the high price of raw materials.

2. Fleece Polyester Material

Because hoodies tend to be expensive, PE fleece was created. Both types of fleece but made of 100% polyester. At first glance, this material looks similar but will feel different when used.

PE Fleece material is not as smooth as Cotton fleece, not stretch, and not as comfortable as cotton fleece.

3. Baby terry material

At first glance, fleece and baby terry look similar, but if you hold them you will feel the difference. Baby terry has an inner texture that is not as thick as fleece. In addition, baby terry is also thinner.

This is the number 2 most used material for hoodies. But usually, this material is used for weather that is not too cold. The baby terry material itself also has a cotton version and a polyester version.

Other materials such as microfibre, parachute, and Taslan are also often used as the basic material for hoodies because the term hoodie is often used only for the head covering, and the body of the jacket does not have to be like a hoodie in general. For example, a motorcycle jacket may have a hoodie.

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In terms of models, hoodie jackets don’t have too many variations, namely:


This is a common form of a hoodie, in the body similar to a sweater but has a pocket in the middle that can be accessed with both our hands from the right and left. There is a rib on the wrist and a rib on the waist.

Types of Hoodie Jacket
Types of Hoodie Jacket

This type of hoodie often has a screen printing on the chest because the print area is quite large. The price of the hoodie is considered to be cheaper than other types because the manufacturing is not too complicated.

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Zip Hoodie

Different again in this type of hoodie, basically a zip hoodie is similar to a regular hoodie. But the biggest difference is that there is a zipper that divides the middle of the jacket.

Types of Zip Hoodie Jackets
Types of Zip Hoodie Jackets

A zip hoodie makes the wearer more flexible appear, can be closed or open. The middle pocket is also still there, but the biggest weakness is the chest which becomes more difficult to print because the zipper interferes with the screen printing process.

At We Print For Life, you can order hoodies that have various types, such as Hoodies and Zip hoodies. The available materials are also premium cotton fleece and polyester fleece.

All hoodies can be ordered without a minimum order and can be screen-printed with DTF digital screen printing which is currently on the rise. There are also jackets made of parachute and microfibre.

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