Get to know 4 Types of Custom Tote Bag Fabric Before Buying August 18, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

In the production of custom print tote bags, the type of material affects the quality of the results. Especially now that tote bags are in high demand because they are affordable. In order not to disappoint, first identify the following types of materials!

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Tote Bags and Types of Materials Used

Tote bags are large bags that are generally designed without zippers or closures. This bag is also equipped with parallel handle straps on both sides of the bag, almost the same as a sling bag, only shorter and more practical. Regarding the type of fabric, most tote bags use canvas. However, there are still other materials used. The characteristics and specifications of the model will determine the process of selecting the type of fabric and affect its production budget.

The fabric to make a tote bag must meet requirements such as being sturdy and thick on the edges and bottom of the bag. In addition, tote bags that use leather as a coating usually have a surface with a pebble texture. To create a tote bag like this, most vendors choose canvas as the main material, which is then dyed and processed in such a way that it is resistant to damp weather and mildew.

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Then, there is also a tote bag made of hemp although it is rarely used.

Over the past few decades, nylon and synthetics have been used as the main materials, although they are not as strong as a canvas when exposed to the sun for too long. Now, you can also find some tote bags that use recycled materials made from natural fibers. These tote bags are generally used for certain media campaigns or promotions because the production costs are very cheap.

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The following is a list of other types of fabric that you can use to make a custom print tote bag.

1. Spunbond

Spunbond is a type of fabric made from long fibers and processed using a chemical mixture with heated solvent paint. The quality of this material is not as strong as the canvas or white that is often found in tote bags. However, you can use spunbond to replace plastic bags. Tote bags made of spunbond are also known as furing bags.

2. Calico

Have you ever heard of this type of fabric? Calico is a cloth made of mori which has not yet entered the bleaching stage. One of the advantages of calico is its flexibility, so you can shape it easily. Although the texture is rough and a bit thin, calico is still recommended if you want to produce a strong colored tote bag. The price is relatively affordable.

3. Canvas

As already mentioned, canvas is one of the most common types of material used in the production of tote bags. Like calico, a canvas is also made of mori, it’s just that it has gone through the bleaching stage and produces a slightly grayish or ivory white color. Canvas has a smoother texture and is not as stiff as calico this is what makes this fabric a favorite.

4. Drill

Furthermore, there are drill materials that have fibers and slanted lines. This type of fabric is usually made from a mixture of cotton with polyester and the higher the cotton content, the more expensive the price. Tote bags made from drills are generally not easily wrinkled, strong, and not easy to fade. So it will be very suitable for those of you who want to produce a full-color tote bag.

After knowing the type and characteristics of the fabric, it will be easier for you to design a custom print tote bag with the right budget.

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