Let’s Know The Various Materials For Jacket Production September 19, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Who here is a jacket lover or fan? Yes, the jacket itself is one of the favorite items that must be in your closet. Its function in addition to weather protection for the body, this one item can also make your appearance more stylish.

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You guys must have at least one jacket mainstay, right? Although the jacket is arguably one of the basic items there are various models on the market.

In addition to the model, the basic fabric used also has many variations. Not without reason, the material used to produce the jacket is also seen as needed and harmonizes with the chosen model.

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Sport Jacket (Hoodie)

In addition, the resulting product can be seen from how thick the cloth is used or most importantly each cloth material used has its advantages. For example, we can see the hoodie jacket model which is thicker when touched compared to a dry-fit jacket.

So that you know more about jacket production materials, let’s look at the following explanation in more detail.

Fleece Cotton

This material is one of the main compositions that are most widely used and in demand by producers or consumers. Having the characteristics of soft and elastic materials and lightweight fabric fibers, fleece cotton is also very comfortable to use by its users.

No wonder this material is often used for hoodie jackets, sweaters, or t-shirts. Fleece cotton itself is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The process of making this cloth begins with the twisting of the yarn fabric until it blends into a whole cloth.

Therefore, the size of the thread needed to produce fleece cotton also affects the thickness of the fabric itself. With the characteristics of these fabrics, jackets made from fleece cotton are very suitable when printed using the Polyflex and Direct Transfer Film (DTF) methods.

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Diadora Polyester

Diadora polyester fabric is usually often used for sportswear, which means it is very suitable for use for those of you who like to exercise. This type of material is also often known as DDR fabric.

Made of 100% polyester, Diadora fabric is quite comfortable to wear and soft and light to use. Judging from the characteristics of the material, this fabric has a glossy outer surface, as well as a high thread density.

In addition, this fabric can reflect light well as well as sweat absorption which can be said to be quite strong, and also the material is not stretchy. Plus again, the Diadora fabric is very easy to care for, even after washing it doesn’t need to be ironed again.

Jackets made from Diadora polyester can also use a custom design with a jacket full of pictures or what jacket manufacturers often call full print.

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NS fabric

Broadly speaking, the NS micro fabric, which is identical to the parachute material, is a fabric made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon.

The material is cooler than fleece cotton and Diadora polyester, NS fabric has the advantage of good water resistance features and the nature of the material falling. In addition, this one cloth material also dries quickly.

Similar to polyester Diadora fabric, NS fabric also has a glossy front surface. To maximize the performance and results of jackets made from more varied NS materials, now there is a combination of NS with Despo.

The despo material is known to be able to ward off wind – or what is commonly called a windbreaker – and is water repellent. Apart from that, there are also jackets made from NS with CVC with the advantages of the material which is known to be cool and can absorb fabric well.

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If you want to add a custom image or design, a jacket that uses NS fabric is perfect for a full print. NS with Despo produces good results using the Direct Transfer Film (DTF) & Sublimation printing method.

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For NS with CVC itself, we recommend using the Direct Transfer Film (DTF) printing method. Make sure you consult about printing with trusted and expert staff.

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How, is it clear with the understanding described above? We Print For Life cooperates with jacket and t-shirt manufacturers who have been experienced for a long time, of course, providing a variety of jackets with different materials and models.

In addition to affordable prices and guaranteed quality goods, here you can also custom design as you wish. As we have discussed, you can also consult about this one fashion item either directly in the store or online.

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