5 Kinds of Fabrics That are Usually Used for T-Shirts August 25, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

The materials used to make t-shirts must use the best materials that are used to make t-shirts. Screen printing is the activity of printing objects in the form of images or writing using a screen or template on a flat surface with any media.

Various media that are often used have high absorption capacities such as cloth, medium absorption capacities such as banners, and minimal absorption capacity such as plastic. One of the media that is quite popular in screen printing activities is plain t-shirts.

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Various plain t-shirts made of different materials are very often used, these plain t-shirts that have been designed will later be used for daily wear or special fashion.

Types of Fabrics for T-shirts

1. Hyget

Hyget t-shirt material is made of plastic which has a very thin surface. However, this material is not suitable to be used as t-shirt material. It’s just that, if you have an inadequate budget, this one material can be the best solution to do.

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2. Combed Cotton (20s, 24s, 30s)

The nature of the combed cotton fabric is soft, cool, and comfortable when worn. The type of shirt material made from combed cotton uses 100% pure fiber derived from cotton. Variants of combed cotton are 20s, 24s, and 30s.

For combed cotton fabric, 20s is the thickest fabric, while 30s is a type of combed fabric that is getting thinner. This type of fabric is generally very commonly used in the manufacture of t-shirts and is available in various places.

3. Carded

Although the fibers of this type of fabric are less smooth, when compared to combed cotton t-shirts, the price range of cardeds is more affordable. Usually, this type of fabric is used in the manufacture of T-shirts, factory shirts, and so on.

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4. Polyester

The polyester material is made of ester material. However, when compared to cotton fabrics, the nature of this material is rough, thinner, and does not absorb sweat. Even so, this type of material is known to be less wrinkled, and more durable.

5. Teteron Cotton

The production process of this material is made from a mixture of 35% combed cotton with 65% polyester. Teteron cotton is less able to absorb sweat, but this material is resistant to creases.

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6. Cotton Bamboo

Bamboo Cotton is a cotton material made from fabric made from bamboo fiber. The texture of this t-shirt is very soft compared to ordinary cotton and comfortable to wear every day. Bamboo cotton is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

This fabric is also classified as environmentally friendly because it reduces the need for cotton, and water and reduces the greenhouse effect because the production process is very friendly to the environment.

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